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Magnetic Rope Charging Cord

$19.99 $50.00
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 Are you tired of your charging cables cluttering your kitchen counter? What about that mess of cables on the power strip next to your desk? What if there was a way to keep your power cords neat and tidy while you charge your devices? The Magnetic Rope Charging Cord will instantly make your home and workspace much tidier!

✓ Tangle-free design, thanks to the easy to coil configuration.

✓ Neodimium Magnets help it stay coiled up for as long as you need.

✓  Ultra Strong materials = no more damaged cables at the ends.

✓  Safe to use with any phone – the magnets don’t interfere with any components in any of your devices.

 Instead of scattering everywhere like typical charging wires, these cables snap into a variety of organized coil shapes with magnets. The magnets are diametrically magnetized and free-floating along the cable. This lets the magnets’ north and south poles always connect. So you’ll never waste time trying to line them up to create the perfect shape. They’ll do it on their own. Also, the ultra-durable silicone sleeves protect the cable and further help the magnets line up. These charging cables are an easy, fun way to create more space in your home!